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Chatting on WhatsApp and other apps is still protected by Net Neutrality According cheap nike jerseys wholesale to the DoT report, there will be no regulation for international calls, or for text messaging applications like WhatsApp. There will also be no regulations required wholesale nike jerseys china for regular apps, so your social networks like Facebook and Twitter will also be unaffected. Zero rating is a system where the networks make access to websitesreplica nike jerseys on sale free for consumers. The data could be paid for by the sites being used, or a third party like Facebook. The report however says that content and application cheap nike jerseys china providers can't be gatekeepers. 4. Your business network won't be affected The report also noted wholesale nike jerseys cheap that managed services are a necessary requirement for businesses and enterprises, and exceptions may be made for the treatment of such services in the context of net neutrality.

The DoT recommends being "liberal cheap nike jerseys  with International calls, but says domestic wholesale nike jerseys calls need to be regulated.

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This means that enterprise networks authentic nike jerseys won't be affected, and all your business tools will continue working.